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A Trip to Salvation Mountain

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If you ever visit Niland, California, a desert town of just over 1,000 people in the southeasternmost corner of the state, you’re sure to find Salvation Mountain. The giant, bright relgious tribute is made of over 100,000 gallons of paint and stands 50 feet tall by 150 feet in breadth. Artist Leonard Knight started building the mountain in the 1980s and lived there for 30 years, passing days adding to and caring for his life’s work.

Since Knight, now 82, entered into a long-term care facility in late 2011, concern has been raised for the future of the site. Without constant upkeep, the harsh environment can quickly erode the fragile mountain made of clay and paint. Learn more about the fight to save Salvation Mountain here.

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December 15th Vlog- probs gonna get some hate for this one

So sad but true. There is so much funding for materialistic items. In my county we have a program called EBA which covers diapers baby wipes and listerine and many other products over the counter. But where’s the funding for the wellness of the mentally ill.

The Walking Dead

I can’t believe Glenn just did that. :-[